Best meal on the Q

One of the chefs/guardians cutting the meatloaf
First course: Creamy vegetable soup with a little spice
Main course: Meatloaf stuffed with egg and sausage with a side of fried rice topped with sautéed potatoes, tomatoes and eggs.
Dessert: Baked apple stuffed with dried fruit and nuts, and garnished with peanut butter and jam.

The best meal served on the trail was at Campamento Serón, by far!  We were not aware that this campground even provided meals until the day before so we asked Campamento Las Torres to make a dinner reservation for us one night in advance.  Unlike the other refugios or campgrounds, this place was intimately sized and low key.  The night we were there, dinner was only for the 3 of us.  The guardians were resourceful with the foods available to them and the meal was flavorful and creative.

Day 4 on the O/Q Circuit at Torres del Paine National Park, Chile.

Feb 2016


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