Hiking into Slovenia and Triglav NP

The day started in Seltschach/Arnoldstein, Austria with a pleasant sunny morning in the 60s.  The steep hike led me up to Dreiländereck (three country triangle, where Austria, Slovenia, and Italy meet) and then down to the cute village of Rateče via the Tromeja trail.  From there, I joined up with Via Alpina’s red route all the way to Vršič pass (stayed at Tičacjev dom).  This path took me through the Planica Valley, passing Planinska dom Tamar, Črne Vode, and Sleme pass.  The day was hot, long, beautiful, and strenuous, and it was well worth it!

Click here for more route information.

Dreiländereck/Tromeja (1510m) – three country triangle where Italy, Austria, and Slovenia meet
Entry into Triglav National Park just south of Planica
Snowy gully and trail en route from Črne Vode (Black water) to Sleme Pass/Slatnica.
Sleme pass/Slatnica (1815 m)
North face of Mala Mojstrovka – en route to Vršič
Tičacjev dom at Vršič – my overnight stay 



4 thoughts on “Hiking into Slovenia and Triglav NP

    1. I was going solo for a bit, but returned after Slovenia. More recently, Fan and I traveled to the Pacific NW to take a 2 week alpine climbing/mountaineering course (which was awesome). I hope to add some posts of that soon.


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